In the quaient japanese old houses of style Please enjoy Japan's three mejor Wagyu a "Yonezawa beef" Yonezawa-gyu Dining Bekoya

what yonezawa beef

history of yonezawa beef

  While I stay, I eat Giyu Yonezawa, and Mr. British teacher Charles Henry Dallas invited to educational institution for han children "Kojyo-kan" which Prince Yozan Uesugi founded in 1871 is moved with the taste. When I put the term of office away and came back to Yokohama, I was with one cow and returned. It is a friend in the cows
  After making amusement, I am surprised at the taste, and it is said that it became the reputation in a moment. Thereafter Giyu Yonezawa has been loved as brand beef proud of the history of 100 remainders year.

Charles Henry Dallas

yonezawa beef is delicious

  A climate peculiar to the basin where a difference of the heat and cold is severe and the fertile land of the Mogami River source area bring a rich crop and supply high quality feed and straw such as the soybean which is necessary for Giyu Yonezawa, wheat, the corn. Good quality of marbled beef and the fat which are smooth even if the characteristic of Giyu Yonezawa is called anything. The temperature that there are taste, a fragrance, and begins to melt is low, and the good-quality fat makes a texture melting away. Ancient people hang long time in the secret that this good-quality grease is done in spite of being leaving for the climate climate of Oitama and are the thing by the breeding technology that I repeat trial and error and cultivated.



room of yakiniku room of sukiyaki room of steak private room
The space of the calm sum. By private room-like partitioning,
Have the powerful charm of Giyu Yonezawa tasting it relaxedly.
The hall where the room in the detached room ridge was based on unvarnished wood
A seat at a table that gave partitioning. I look at a garden
You can enjoy Giyu Yonezawa.
Steak of the thick slice to be daring, and to bake in front
All of appearance, sound, fragrance, taste and Giyu Yonezawa
You can enjoy it to the maximum.
I bring on an atmosphere feeling nostalgic for slightly
A Japanese-style room. I relax slowly and have a meal
Please thoroughly enjoy .
■Capacity 64 ■Capacity 48 ■Capacity 7 ■Capacity 16

shop information

Address 3-2-34,Azuma,Yonezawa-shi,Yamagata-ken 992-0045
Access 3 minutes by walk from Yamagata(bullet train station) or Yonezawa Station on the Ouu main line.
Phone/Fax 0238-24-2788 / 0238-24-2788
Business hours 11:15~14:30 / 17:00~21:30
Holidays No holiday
Capacity 135
Card VISA MASTER American Express


Traffic Access

When a car comes by bus
□ Tokyo area - Tohoku Expressway descent ...
Iizaka, Fukushima IC - National highway. Route13 in Yonezawa-shi

□ Sendai area - Tohoku Expressway up ...
Iizaka, Fukushima IC - National highway Route13 in Yonezawa-shi
When I come by Shinkansen
□ It is approximately two hours by Tohoku, the Yamagata Shinkansen from Tokyo Station

□ It is Fukushima Station, Fukushima Station with the Tohoku Shinkansen from Sendai Station
It is approximately 55 minutes by transfer to the Yamagata Shinkansen